About DNK Pipe & Supply

DNK Pipe & Supply is a leader in the Arizona plumbing supply.

DNK opened its doors to Yuma County residents and contractors in 2016.

DNK is proud to carry not only full lines of commercial and residential plumbing products, and Waterworks products, but also showroom products as well. Our knowledgeable and experienced sales team takes pride in making sure our customers get the supplies they need when they need them. Our fleet of delivery trucks can service customers from Yuma to San Luis to Imperial County. If you shop at DNK Pipe & Supply, you can be confident in an excellent level of service and commitment.

Our Team

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DNK Pipe & Supply is always looking for fresh talent in every area of our business. If you are interested in joining a company that values entrepreneurial spirit, team success, and a passion for excellence... then you are in the right place. At DNK Pipe & Supply, we believe that a great company starts with great associates.